Online curriculum to learn how to become an aesthetic injector

- instruction on toxins + dermal filler
- extensive written + video content
- earn up to 20 CE's
- self-paced online

Why Choose AIA?

Here are a few reasons why students choose
Aesthetic Injector Academy.

Shape a successful future in aesthetics

Our cutting-edge approach combines expertly crafted online coursework with immersive, video and written curriculum, providing you with the comprehensive knowledge and practical skills you need to succeed in the industry. Whether you're an experienced professional or brand new to aesthetics, AIA's unique training methodology is the key to unlocking your full potential.

AIA Offers Continuing Education Credits
Online Coursework at Individual Pace
The Fundamentals of Injectables
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Self-paced learning offers numerous benefits for learners. It allows individuals to have control over their learning journey, enabling them to set their own pace and progress based on their unique needs and abilities. This flexibility accommodates diverse learning styles and preferences, promoting a personalized and tailored approach to education.

Provides the opportunity for deeper understanding and retention
Spend more time on challenging concepts or breeze through familiar topics
Empowers individuals to take ownership of their education
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CE Accredited

Professionals can trust that the content is up-to-date, relevant, and aligned with best practices in their respective fields. Additionally, CE accredited courses fulfill mandatory continuing education requirements, allowing individuals to maintain their licensure or certification. This accreditation also serves as a recognized validation of the professional's commitment to ongoing learning and staying current in their field.

CE accreditation fulfills mandatory continuing education requirements for maintaining licensure or certification
High-quality educational opportunities for knowledge and skill enhancement
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Happy Students

Don't take our word for it. See what students are saying about us.

“Wow! This online CM course should be your first stop and your last.  AIA has hit all the hot topics in the Aesthetic Industry.  If you are looking to join this fast paced industry then you MUST complete this program.”
“As an owner of a medical spa, I am continually looking for educated and qualified injectors.  They are few and far between!  I will use this course to train all of my injectors.  It is invaluable knowledge that will make my practice a leader in the industry.”
“The online didactic material was comprehensive and thoroughly addressed all aspects of treatment.  The included videos only further increased my knowledge in the Aesthetic Industry.  The trainer did a fantastic job covering all topics and truly made this an enjoyable learning experience.  I recommend this program to everyone looking to join the Aesthetic Industry”
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The courses we offer are specifically designed to meet your needs.

Whether you are a tenured medical professional that wants to transition into this ever-growing industry, exploring a career change, or simply want to refine or expand your existing skillset – AIA is for you. Through AIA’s accredited curriculum, medical professionals have the unique opportunity to learn to inject while also earning CE’s (continuing medical education credits).  Students are provided with course materials that will include video instruction, coursework with quizzes, and end of coursework testing for Certification.

Overview of the Aesthetic Industry

AIA offers a comprehensive education on the latest uses and types of neurotoxins and dermal fillers from all the top manufacturers. Students can expect to develop a well-rounded and robust understanding of each product, why and where they’re used, injection techniques, anatomical considerations, and how to be an effective injector in this exciting industry.

Facial Anatomy

AIA’s facial anatomy course will provide an in-depth understanding of facial aging and facial variation, preparing students for a safe and effective treatment for the clients.  Injectors must be able to understand and consider muscles, veins, arteries, fat pads, nerve bundles, and facial layers—all of which are extensively covered in this course.

Safety Protocols

AIA’s safety protocols course will supply the student with thorough knowledge on safety practices, cautions, and considerations for both pre-injection and post-injection.  This course ensures students are well-equipped for any possible complication at any point in the treatment process.

History of Dermal Fillers and FDA Approval for Use in Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine offers a unique approach to anti-aging with a large focus on the use of dermal fillers. Fillers are used to restore lost volume, soften creases, smooth out fine lines, and enhance facial contours. The history of FDA clearance for aesthetic uses of each product is covered throughout this coursework.

Application of Dermal Fillers: Lips, Midface, Lower face,

In this course you will learn about the world surrounding dermal fillers: hyaluronic acids, poly-L-lactic acids, calcium hydroxylapatite, rheology, reversal. Students will learn the purpose and placement of each dermal filler, deepening their understanding of what this industry has to offer and what is FDA approved per manufacturer.

Fundamental uses and FDA Approval of Neuromodulators

Neurotoxins, better known as BOTOX®, Dysport®, or XEOMIN®, are explored in depth in this course.  In this course you will learn how they work, where and how they are injected, how they are reconstituted plus dosage, placement, and anatomical considerations.

Further Application of Dermal Fillers: Hands, Tear Troughs and Kybella for Submental

Dermal Fillers have such a wide ranging scope of uses and applications that it was important to include some details around other FDA approved areas such as tear troughs and hands. The proper techniques for injecting are critical for both safety and results, and will be covered in this course.

Tools of the Trade

This course provides industry know-how on what “tools” every skilled injector should have on hand. Cannulas, needles, photos, numbing agents, and distraction techniques are just a few of the items covered in this course that will help you better understand your options.

Art of the Consultation

In this course students will be walked through a standard consultation and educated on how to discuss patient desires and come up with a treatment plan.  Establishing a sense of trust and rapport with a client is crucial in the aesthetic industry.

Course Library

We provide students with robust course materials that include engaging video instruction, coursework accompanied by quizzes, and rigorous end-of-course testing for certification.

$400/1 CEs


Dermal Filler Lip Curriculum: Introduction to Aesthetic Medicine, & more!
3 Courses
1 Continuing Education Credits
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$1,250/5 CEs


History and Application of Neuromodulators with a Focus on Facial Anatomy
5 Courses
5 Continuing Education Credits
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$1,750/7 CEs


History and Application of Dermal Fillers with a Focus on Facial Anatomy
7 Courses
7 Continuing Education Credits
Choose Course

$2,750/20 CEs


Comprehensive Education: Aesthetics, Facial Anatomy, Dermal Fillers & more!
11 Courses
20 Continuing Education Credits
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Subscription pricing and enterprise
packages available.

What is the structure of courses?

Our online courses include written and video content with quizzes at the end of each section. Learners must complete the content before attempting the related quiz, with unlimited attempts allowed. The courses must be taken sequentially, followed by a final exam with unlimited attempts for a passing score. A brief survey is required before receiving the Certificate of Completion. The course is available for 90 days prior to enrollment.

Who can enroll for AIA courses?

Our courses are designed for medical professionals who are looking to refine their aesthetics knowledge and injectable skills. This includes, but is not limited to nurses, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, MD and DO. However our courses can be taken by anyone and may be helpful if you are considering a career as an injector.

How long will the course work take?

The online coursework is completed at your own individual pace. The courses do need to be completed in a sequential order, but you can move as quickly or as slowly as you would like.  This format makes it ideal for the busy lifestyles most of us live daily!

How do I sign into my account?

When you complete your registration, you will be sent an email confirmation.  This email will contain your login credentials.  If you have any concerns you can email

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

There are no refunds for partially or fully completed coursework

What happens if I fail the test at the end of the course?

There is no limit to the number of times that you can take the test to get a passing grade.

Can I take courses on my mobile device?

Yes, all the AIA courses are mobile friendly.  Although the videos are optimized for mobile viewing the files are very large and may load better on your desktop or laptop.

What do you cover in each course?

The courses cover FDA approval of neuromodulators and dermal fillers.  There is detailed content on facial anatomy, safety protocols and injection techniques.  There will be a robust amount of information on the Aesthetic industry.

I've completed the course. Do you offer further education?

Yes, AIA will be working with the main manufacturers to provide continuing education on the multiple topics in Aesthetic Medicine.  Stay tuned!

Where do I see a complete transcript of my courses and credits?

Once you register you can track your progress on the student login portal.

How do I get my CE credits?

At completion of the course post-test, you will fill out an evaluation/claim credit form. Upon submission of the evaluation/claim credit form, a CE certificate will generate for printing and a copy is sent to your email address.
If you have questions about this CE activity, please contact AKH Inc at

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